Oral Health Assessments: Dental Bonding

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To help minimize risks associated with dental damage, it’s always a good idea to visit our office for routine checkups to assess any potential damage or oral health care risks that may be present. If you should ever suffer an oral accident or injury or notice any visual impairments to your smile, consider visiting us a dental bonding restoration.

Dental bonding material is typically resin and porcelain and is designed to be applied directly to the surface of a tooth. Dental bonding can cosmetically enhance the look of a tooth and even provide an additional layer of protection. Through the use of dental bonding, a tooth can be effectively treated and protected for up to ten years before replacements may be required.

Dental bonding helpful in situations where you have suffered dental damage via chips or cracks in teeth. Furthermore, if you notice extensive tooth decay, or have receding gums, it may be beneficial to consider the use of dental bonding. They are also cosmetically beneficial as they are tooth-colored in appearance. Dental bonding can even make teeth look longer or minimize gaps between teeth.

If you require dental bonding treatments in Olympia, Washington, A. Agustin Vega would love to assist you. For a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, you can set an appointment with Dr. A. Agustin Vega by calling our dental office at 360-943-5551.