Is it Possible for My Tooth Enamel to Wear Away?

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Your tooth enamel is a tough shell that protects the inner layers of your teeth, like the cementum, dentin, and pulp. Without it, the entire tooth’s health can be compromised. This is why you need to keep your tooth enamel in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, tooth enamel loss is possible, and it’s important to avoid it as much as possible. To help you know more about this dental problem, our dentist, Dr. A. Agustin Vega, has some information to share.

Causes of enamel loss

Unfortunately, there are many causes of tooth enamel loss. One cause is enamel erosion, which occurs when the enamel is overexposed to acid from the foods and drinks you consume. Another cause is tooth damage, like a chip or crack that results from a blow to the face or using your teeth as tools. The last cause is the effects of certain medications, like aspirin and vitamin C. Certain medications can aid in the enamel erosion process.

Repair techniques for enamel loss

Your dentist will likely treat severely damaged tooth enamel with a dental bonding treatment or a dental crown. The bonding treatment will involve covering the enamel with a dental resin, shaping the resin, and then hardening the resin. The dental crown treatment will involve trimming the enamel, making a customized dental crown, and then replacing the tooth enamel with the dental crown by cementing the restoration over the tooth.

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