Fall in Love with Your Smile Thanks to Dental Erosion Prevention

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In order to ensure your smile can continually thrive for as long as you need it to, always take the time to fix any damage that may have arisen. If there are any holes in your tooth enamel, also known as cavities, that leaves the inner workings of your tooth vulnerable to bacterial infection. Harmful acids eat through your tooth enamel in a process known as enamel erosion, also called dental erosion.

Although not all of the risk factors for dental erosion are preventable, including issues associated with genetic predispositions and factors involved with the environment, it is important to exercise caution with known risks of dental erosion. Dry mouth is a known condition which can help promote dental erosion and is often caused by medications as a side effect. In addition, the excessive consumption of soft drinks and fruit drinks, as well as acid reflux disease, can promote dental erosion.

Keeping your mouth clean and safe from the risk of dental erosion includes always implementing effective oral hygiene procedures. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing every day with effective tools that are safe for use. Try to use nonabrasive products when brushing twice a day and always make sure you are flossing your teeth every day as well. Furthermore, consider using supplemental tools to help keep your smile clean, including mouthwash.

Due to the fact that saliva plays such a key role in the prevention of dental erosion, it is important to make sure your mouth is always producing enough of the substance. Saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth that helps wash away food debris and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth. To help produce additional saliva, chew foods with a high water content and chew sugarless gum after meals.

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