A Whitening Consultation Can Help Assess the Most Effective Method for Whitening Your Teeth

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When you’re dealing with chronic dental stains on the teeth in your smile, finding the right method for restoring your white smile can be a challenge. Chances are good that you won’t be satisfied with your results from the whitening products sold in stores.

In a situation like this, a whitening consultation with Dr. A. Agustin Vega can help you find the most effective method to safely whiten your teeth. This often calls for Dr. A. Agustin Vega to administer a dental bleaching treatment.

Once your teeth have been fully whitened he can help you understand the best methods for maintaining your white smile between your regular dental cleanings at his dental office.

Brushing your teeth each day with a whitening toothpaste that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance can help remove surface stains. Just keep in mind that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide whitening agents will not be strong enough to improve significant dental stains.

You might also want to consider cutting back on dark foods, as well as drinking dark beverages through a straw. This can help prevent new stains from setting into your teeth in the future.

If you live in the Olympia, [state,] area and you are struggling with a stained smile, you should call 360-943-5551 to set up a whitening consultation at A. Agustin Vega.