A Previously Repaired Tooth with a New Cavity Might Need Treatment from a Dental Crown

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A standard dental filling needs a modest amount of strong, healthy tooth enamel to hold it firmly in place. They are typically used to repair minor defects caused by a small cavity, dental attrition, or a minor chip in the tooth enamel.

If a new cavity develops on the same tooth, there might not be sufficient healthy tooth enamel remaining for a dentist like Dr. A. Agustin Vega to repair it with a second dental filling. This is even more likely to be an issue if the compromised tooth is small.

In a case like this Dr. A. Agustin Vega might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. This will fully replace the tooth’s entire enamel layer with another material like gold, porcelain, or base metals.

The dental crown will need to be anchored in your mouth by an abutment created from the healthy core of the tooth. This requires removing the remnants of the existing tooth enamel before creating an impression. It will be sent to a professional dental lab where your dental crown will be created.

You will return to see Dr. A. Agustin Vega for a brief second appointment to have the dental crown cemented into place.

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